An incentive is an action or a thing that provokes or has the tendency to provoke an action or a decision. When it comes to Pakistan, each industry has faced many ups and downs. But when it comes to a fool-proof and secure industry, the real estate industry takes the cake. Investment in real estate is considered one of the safer investment options in the country. What makes it a safe investment is the support and incentives provided to the realtors in this industry by the government as well as the private sector. 

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An effective incentive currently in being provided to realtors is tax credit. Tax credits can help real estate investors mitigate a few of the expenses that are associated with the investment and developmental activities in the real estate market. The government tax credits illustrated here can be layered with an assortment of local incentives as well as federal incentives. Every one of these incentives include compound funding and expenditure structures that call for specialized care for prosperous execution. Now a days, it’s very important that every real estate agent must have experience with every single facet of tax credit and incentive in the real estate industry

Rehab tax credit
if you’re an investor and have plans about investing in a qualified rehabilitation housing scheme, make sure that your agent can help you out with delivering more market value to your project. Your agent should be able to help you determine suitable expenses as well as ensure conformity with compound administrative requirements. Other ways that your realtor can help add value to project include:

  1. Having the ability to determine usefulness of tax credits. 
  2. Establishing tax value venture constructions to adapt the tax reductions to understand their full financial advantage
  3. Prepare all the financial projections for the project.
  4. Prepare proper expenditure documents that highlight all the costs involved in the project.
  5. In case anything happens, exit strategies should be developed in advance.
  6. Having the real estate agent provide unbiased and fair opinions for you or any other real estate investor on any other project that is being developed by another company. 

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit or the LIHTC furnishes reasonable lodging improvements with considerable monetary assets more than a 10-year time frame. A good LIHTC professional team should be experienced enough to provide its client with audit, tax and consultation services to engineers and developers, brokers, and real estate investors. The team should also be able to give a statement on housing financial authorities, and local public housing society project agencies. Following are the things a LIHTC team of professional should be able to do for you

  1. The team should prepare proper documents stating financial projections of compound funding arrangements
  2. The team should be able to provide the clients with audit and tax conformity services
  3. The team should perform due diligence and provide proper assistance required to fill out applications.
  4. The team should provide unbiased and fair opinions for all the real estate investors or brokers on projects being developed by another company

New Markets Tax Credits
The New Markets Tax Credit or the NMTC inculcates expenditure dollars into communities that are comparatively earning a lower income and have little to no access to the capital. The CDFIF. or the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, use a competitive procedure in order to award the tax credit to entities that are in-charge of developing the community. Real estate agents can use these credits seal the investment gap on communal developments, mixed usage or even community project development, or by running businesses to attain, rehabilitate or broaden materials and operations.

It is not an easy task to attain the NMTC and to monetize them in a proper manner. If you need assistance with your business, get a team of realtors who can help determine your eligibility for the credits, prepare detailed funding projections documents, perform due steadiness for real estate investors and coordinators. Your agent should also be able to make proper research for elective financing designs to amplify returns and lastly develop an exit strategy just in case.

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