As any parent will tell you, welcoming a new baby into your family is one of the most rewarding, joyful, fulfilling, and stressful things you can do. These safety tips can help you reduce stress (though they are not exhaustive). Remember: You have everything you need. You can visit Job Search in the UK to find jobs related to babysitting and more. Read about Safety Tips For New Parents below.


  1. Make sure that the crib, or any furniture you purchase for your baby, meets federal safety standards. If you are purchasing a crib, make sure the space between the slats is no more than 2/3 inches. Avoid pillows and bedding that could cause SIDS and suffocation. Instead, place your child on his/her back on a firm, flat mattress.
  2. Babies can be squirmy, even when they shouldn’t. A changing table that has a safety strap built in can reduce the chance of your child falling. Never leave your child unattended on the changing table.


  1. Installing an appliance lock will ensure that your child’s little hands are safe from the oven doors long before they start crawling. Stove knob covers can also be used to prevent your child from playing with the burners.
  2. Do not leave pet food out. Infants and toddlers can be choked by cat and dog kibble.
  3. Consider moving cleaning products that are stored under or in low-lying drawers or cabinets to a closet shelf. Install cabinet locks to stop your child getting into cabinets if that is not possible.


  1. Non-slip mats can be purchased for the bathtub and for hard surfaces such as tile floors that might get wet.
  2. Before you take a bath, make sure to test the temperature. An anti-scald device can be installed on the faucet of your tub to prevent water temperatures from fluctuating. Never leave your child alone after bath time. You should never leave the tub for more than a minute.


  1. To reduce the chance of furniture tipping, heavy furniture such as TV stands, dressers and bookshelves should be attached to the wall.
  2. The choking hazards of plastic outlet covers are high. Slider outlet covers are better, as they slide back in place when devices are unplugged.
  3. Stay on top of baby product recalls by bookmarking the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website. It is easy to search for products by category – click on “babies & kids” to see the most recent.

New parents bring new joys and challenges. Hope you love reading about safety Tips For New Parents.

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