Life can get busy and home can sometimes feel like a place that harbors all of that chaos. That’s why it’s important to create a separate place to unwind and relax. For women, that means creating a she shed. Whether it’s by adding a shed to the backyard, adding an addition on the garage, or utilizing that extra bedroom, anything can be considered a she shed.

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With your little place of peace settled, the next vital part is decorating your cozy spot. Don’t worry about where you should start as we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and tricks to get the creativity going. These tips should be a great starting point, but for more help, look over the following infographic created by experts in modern and contemporary sofas.   

  1. Pick Out A Décor Theme

Before heading out to handpick some décor, it’s essential to decide on a theme first. Perhaps your meditation room will have a unique boho flair with a macramé hammock and some patterned Moroccan ottomans on the floor. Maybe you have a walk-in closet that would be perfect for some old-school Hollywood glam, complete with a tufted sofa and a glittering chandelier. It’s up to you what you have in mind for your special space.

  • Decide On Lighting

Lighting can really make or break a room. Make sure to include some dimmable, smart lighting into your decorating plans. Additionally, different lighting can serve different needs such as soft white strings of light for cozy winter naps or bright, precise lighting for late night crafting. Keep an eye out for floor lamps with specially designed dimmer lights made for reading. On the other hand, if you want to splurge then high-tech is the way to go. Incorporate voice-activated, color-changing smart lights for a more hands-free approach.

  • Utilize Your Space

Sometimes a she shed will not have much square footage, but that’s okay! Creating a secluded space that utilizes each foot of available space is possible. Utilizing “hide-away” furniture is a great start. For instance, if your private reading room also has to double as a guest room then you can free up some space by including convertible furniture such as a pull-down Murphy bed or a sleeper sofa. Use a stool that can tuck away into a desk instead of a bulky office chair.  

  • Add Some Greenery

A plant can liven up a room, but they’re also beneficial to your mind and body. Studies have shown that having plants can raise productivity, lower your blood pressure and even increase attentiveness. This makes them a great addition for home offices or crafting rooms. In addition, the aromatic smell has mental and physical benefits as well. The scent of lavender is said to be relaxing and calming while eucalyptus may help with cold or flu-like symptoms.

  • Personalize It

After adding all different types of décor, next is to add yourself to your she shed. Personalizing is what really makes a room feel like yours. Collect some of your favorite vacation photos along with special souvenirs and showcase them in shadow boxes together. Have a treasured record collection?  Display some of your favorite albums on the walls for all to see.

  • Cozy Up

The easiest and most enjoyable step is to adding warm and cozy elements for your she shed. Invest in Sherpa blankets and fluffy accent pillows to add texture and comfort. Make sure to keep an electric blanket stored away for these chilly, cold days.

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