Dyson’s Animal 2 (Total Clean) upright vacuum. Dyson’s newest and most efficient full-sized upright animal vacuum. The “Total Clean” vacuum combines the Animal 2 with extra cleaning tools to satisfy all the cleaning needs. This Total Clean Animal vacuum uses Dyson’s latest Radial Cyclone(tm) Technology to improve suction power and capture dust and dirt. A motorized bar for the brush as well as powerful suction make this model ideal for cleaning pet hair. For soft rugs or hard floors, the bar can be shut off.

Dyson’s new , lightweight upright ball vacuum great for those looking for powerful vacuums that don’t lose suction but do not want use a bulky floor-cleaning equipment. A long power cord of 35 feet and a five-year warranty. This model is great for pets with an air-powered suction of 270 watts and makes it an extremely powerful Dyson vacuum available.

Shark Apex AZ1002 (Duoclean) Zero-M Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The Best of 2021 awardThe Shark Apex DuoClean an AZ1002-powered vacuum another innovation of Shark Vacuums. What sets this model apart is the brand new Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap technology. This will prevent hair from getting wrapped over the bristles. Another distinctive aspect that this model has is its DuoClean Cleaner Head that can clean large and fine particles while simultaneously. Its DuoClean Technology is ideal for the deep cleaning of carpets and can also be used to clean hard floors. Dual brushroll is more efficient for hard flooring than suction on its own. The removable Lift Away canister lets you utilize the DuoClean brushroll powered for smaller areas, such as stairs. The technology that never loses suction ensures that this vacuum has continuous suction power.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technologyto keep your breathing from dust and dirt while you are removing The Shark AZ1002 is able to trap 99.99 percent of dust in the vacuum. It also has an Lifetime HEPA filter. Smooth-gliding wheels and swiveling steering make it easier to maneuver on furniture. This model is in good stead with Dyson models. A five-year warranty is included. The vacuum is equipped with Noise Reduction which softens the sound’s pitch when using. Brushroll off and on for powerful carpet and floor cleaning. Built-in headlights for seeing dirt and dust in dark areas. The controls for the brushroll are integrated into the handle. The Shark upright is among the best-rated upright vacuums that has received high ratings from consumers. reviews.

Dyson Ball (Animal 2) Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The best of 2021 Dyson’s Animal 2 upright vacuum. Dyson’s most advanced and efficient upright pet upright vacuum. This Dyson Animal uses Dyson’s latest Radial Root Cyclone(tm) technology to increase suction power , and also trap more dust and dirt. Motorized brushes make this vacuum perfect to remove pet hair. This Animal Vacuum also comes with an air powered Tangle-Free Mini Turbine Tool to clear automobiles, upholstery and stairs of dirt, dust, as well as pet hair. Its counter rotating brushes prevent tangling. For delicate carpets and hard flooring, the bar can be shut off. Dyson’s new , lightweight upright vacuum perfect for those who need powerful vacuums that don’t lose suction but do not want use a bulky floor-cleaning equipment.

This Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright comes by Dyson Ball technology, this upright vacuum cleaner rests on a ball to facilitate turning and twisting around furniture and obstructions. Dyson Ball technology is unique for Dyson vacuums. This model is ideal for pets, with the suction power of 270 airwatts, making it an extremely powerful Dyson vacuum available. The cleaner head of the Animal vacuum automatically adjusts from hard floors to carpet and provides greater suction power and truly is a multi-floor cleaner.

Miele Complete C2 (Hard Floor) Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Miele Complete C2 Floor is Miele’s hard and hardwood floor vacuum that comes with 2 floor-tools. This vacuum’s Rubber Wheels will not scratch or scratch the hardwood flooring. It is extremely light at just 11 pounds. Miele vacuums are very quiet in comparison with other models (they are sound-insulated) as well as German designed to last. They come with a Super Air Clean Filter outputs more air than it absorbs, and you can add an HEPA filter to provide even more filtering. It keeps dirt and dust inside the bag, and off the air that you breathe. Ideal for those suffering from allergies.

A rotary dial can adjust the suction force to meet your requirements, and offers a quiet setting. It is possible to rewind the retractable cord at a time by turning into a switch at the rear side of the. The handle for carrying allows you to easily transport your vacuum down and up steps. Miele offers onboard storage for tools on this model. Crush-proof hose provides longevity. Telescoping wands made of stainless steel, designed to last for a long time. Soft bristles are included. Parquet TwisterXL Floor Brush is specifically designed for hardwood and hard floors.

Dyson Big Ball

The Best of the Year AwardThe Dyson “Big Ball” Cinetic Animal canister has been updated with Dyson Cinetic(tm) technology based on science (using the 36 cinetic techniques) to improve the suction capacity and separation of dirt. It also helps remove the necessity for filters. Its Cinetic “Big Ball” canister includes a Triggerhead(tm) Tool, which has an air-driven, rotating brush bar that is turned off and on (for delicate carpets and hard flooring) by removing the handle, meaning there is no need to bend down. A simple retractable cord that can be rewind. With its powerful suction and tools to remove hair, it is the Cinetic Canister is ideal for eliminating pet hair. The Animal version includes the Mini Turbine Tool that is Tangle-Free to eliminate pet hair and dirt from your upholstery and interiors of your vehicle.

It is equipped with Dyson “Big Ball” technology This canister vacuum cleaner rests on a ball to allow for twisting and turning furniture and other obstacles. This version is perfect for pets with hair. This version is great for pet hair. Dyson Ball Cinetic is Engineered to reduce noise levels using sound insulating material, as well as sound-dampening mountings. The Dust Ejection System is a new feature that scrapes the screen clean after emptying the trash bin into the garbage disposal.

Sanitaire EON QuietPro S5000A Commercial Upright Vacuum

Sanitaire EON QuietPro Commercial Vacuum. The QuietPro is designed using professional-grade components for the requirements for commercial clean-up. Sanitaire is a well-known name for commercial vacuums which has been in use for many years by cleaning teams all over the world. This model was specifically designed to ensure Quiet Operation at only 68 DBA. To ensure durability and long-lasting the QuietPro S5000A has a commercial quality motor and an Electric Telescopic stainless steel wand. The vacuum comes with an washable HEPA filter that keeps the air fresh while vacuuming. It eliminates 99.97 percent of airborne particles that are less than 0.3 millimeters. The Quietpro includes an wand, Hose and other attachments.

A desirable feature for commercial vacuums is Sanitaire’s simple, tool-free brushroll replacement and the easy access to other components. The power cord of 40 feet guarantees that you won’t need to switch outlets every so often. A light for Bag Full/Clog will alert you to either empty the bag or eliminate the obstruction. The Brushroll check light warns you to check the brushroll.

Miele Compact C1 (Turbo Team) Canister Vacuum Cleaner

*New for 2018-2019. This Miele compact C1 turbo team canister from Miele is Miele’s dual floor vacuum that comes with two floor tools. It’s extremely light and weighs just 10.2 pounds. Miele vacuums are quiet when compared against other vacuums (they are sound-proofed) and are engineered in Germany to last. They come with a Super Air Clean Filter outputs more air than it draws in, and comes and you can add an HEPA filter for more filtering. It keeps dirt and dust in the bag, and off the air that you breathe. Ideal for those suffering from allergies. The rotary dial lets you adjust the suction strength to meet your requirements, and comes with a quiet option. Suction is strong enough for hair of your pet. It is possible to rewind the cord in a controlled manner by turning onto a switch located on the side of the container. The handle that is used for carrying allows you to easily transport this vacuum on and off staircase. Miele VarioClip allows on the go Hose Tool Storage. Crush-proof hose increases the durability. Telescoping wands made of stainless steel, designed to last for a long time.

Miele C1 Turbo Tools include crevice-filling nozzles, dusting brushes and upholstery tool. In addition to the Miele Turbo Team canister is the STB205 Turbobrush which has an air-driven roller brush that rotates to lift dirt, lint or pet hair that has accumulated from low pile to medium pile rugs. It can also be used by removing the brushbar from and bare floors.

Miele Dynamic U1 (Jazz) Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It is the Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz is Miele’s upright vacuum in the mid-range. Miele vacuums are built to last. made by German engineers, designed to last, and are quieter when in use, and have lengthy warranties. Miele U1 Series Miele U1 Series features a distinctive SwivelNeck technology that lets you steer your upright easily by turning your wrist. It also lets you set the vacuum flat position to the floor which allows you to walk underneath furniture that is low. The controls for the brushbar are located in the handle. The 360-degree swivel of the front wheels permit for a remarkably smooth and fluid movement. Automated Height Adjustment: The Miele Jazz electrobrush will follow the floor’s contours and adjust automatically for various carpet depths and covers, and offer constant, even suction and gentle cleaning. Motor protection indicator. It is the Miele U1 Jazz uses a two motor system. One for suction and another that is used for the brush. Miele’s AirClean Sealed System is comprised consisting of AirClean FilterBag along with the Active HEPA Filter, which traps and holds 99.9plus% of dust, dirt and allergens.

Dyson V8 (Absolute) Cordless Hepa Stick Vacuum

Best of 2018 Dyson’s highest rated among the strongest handheld stick vacuums. Fifth generation Dyson V8 Absolute cordless stick vacuum is more suction-powerful than any other vacuum cleaners that are cordless. This V8 Absolute model features a brand new V8 motor that has higher suction and up to twice the battery’s life, which provides you with (up up to forty minutes) for cleaning and a stronger engineered floor machine. Dyson engineers have made the Dyson engineers have created the V8 model half as quiet than its predecessors and included a brand new dust and dirt expulsion system.

This model is lighter than 6 pounds, and it comes with an detachable hand-held. It’s ideal for cleaning quickly on any floor type including stairs, upholstery, and even inside your vehicle. Because it’s an Absolute version, it is capable of handling pet hair with additional tools. Whole Machine HEPA Filtration. Includes two floor tools. Two-tier Radial(tm) Cyclone Technology uses 15 cyclones that separate dust and dirt.

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